Simplicitea – from We Are Tea

Simplicitea – from We Are Tea


 Tea in 90 seconds? I will take that! When I was sent the Simplicitea Infuser (what a genius name) to try out, I wasted no time on a dreary, chilly evening to try and cheer myself up with a cup of Whole Rosebud tea courtesy of We Are Tea, who do an amazing range of teas!

We are Tea ethically source whole-leaf teas from artisan producers around the world and hand-pack them in the UK.

I wanted to enjoy my cup of rose bud tea impatiently and so I put the kettle on, placed some Whole Rosebuds inside the Simplicitea Infuser, poured hot water in and left it for 90 seconds to infuse while I got my belongings together for work the next day. #Doitin90

It saved me 90 seconds of time waiting for my tea to brew and it was a beautiful sight inside the infuser. I also got myself ahead of the next day and that is an extra 90 seconds of snooze the next day. VERY IMPORTANT!

All I then had to do was place the infuser over my tea cup and in trickled the beautifully brewed tea. The aroma of the rose buds was just amazing!

This is a really handy infuser and it is so easy to clean which is a major plus point. It has a slick and sleek design and it looks impressive and is very impressive.

If you are a tea lover you know you want one now! For more information, go to:

The Simplicitea Infuser can be found here:


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