A Celebratory dinner at Michelin Starred Hakkasan Mayfair

For our seven year wedding anniversary we decided to go back to an old favourite instead of trying somewhere new. This was pretty unlike us but we were both craving Dim Sum and fondly remembered our meal at Hakkasan in Abu Dhabi. That had been a truly opulent affair as the Hakkasan in Abu Dhabi is located in the glitzy Emirates Palace hotel. Our meal there had been excellent and faultless. As we hadn’t been to the Mayfair branch of Hakkasan yet we booked a table there.

You’ll have to excuse the photos as it was really dark and our table was quite small so a little difficult to take proper photos.

For drinks Amit went for a Beer and I tried one of the cocktails. They did have a Mojito on the menu but it was made with Tequila and I can’t handle Tequila at all so decided to try the Ginger Cooler. This is a rum based cocktail made with Diplomático Mantuano rum, and flavoured with ginger, cardamom, cinnamon, apple and ginger ale. It was delicious! I just wish that the Mojito was a normal classic one as I would have been happiest having my favourite tipple on my anniversary.



To banish those Dim Sum cravings we selected the Vegetarian dim sum platter, which has crystal dumplings, yam bean and shiitake dumplings, water chestnut dumplings, and vegetable beancurd rolls. It was colourful, tasty and just exactly what we had wanted.


I loved that there was equal portions of each dim sum for us so we weren’t fighting over them!

We also tried the Salt and pepper tofu, for which they used homemade pumpkin tofu. It was incredible and my favourite dish of the meal. I loved the garnishing and scraped it all up and didn’t let any go to waste. Definitely a dish I would order again



Grilled Shanghai dumpling was our next dish to share and these are similar in taste and texture to Japanese Gyozas and they were superb.


For our mains we shared a Sanpei chicken claypot which was chicken cooked with sweet basil, chilli and spring onions. We had some egg fried rice to accompany it and we were pretty full after our selection of dishes and couldn’t manage dessert. It was really scrumptious and I think we has ordered just the right amount of food.




We loved our meal so we will be back to try some more dishes and hopefully dessert next time! I loved the ambience in the restaurant and it was buzzing, and obviously very popular.

It has trendy decor, has a real upmarket feel and it is easy to see why Hakkasan has retained its Michelin star. The Dim Sum was just gorgeous and even as I type this I already want to go back for another fix. I have seen some great deals on Bookatable for Hakkasan so will definitely be using one of those soon.

Have you been to Hakkasan? What were your favourite dishes?

Two Michelin Star dining at Spondi in Athens

On a recent trip to Athens, Greece, we chose to dine at the Relais & Châteaux restaurant Spondi, which has two michelin stars and serves French haute cuisine with a modern Greek cultural style. It was recommended to me by my friend Bibi, and it turned out to be a truly incredible meal.

Spondi is housed over three floors and the restaurant has a magical and romantic setting, as well as very classy interiors with its dark leather seating and fine linen table cloths. There is also a lovely garden terrace dining area outside which is lit with romantic lights which is open during the summer.



As we were visiting during the winter months, we dined inside in the cosy brick walled restaurant.


There were pretty chandeliers and other lights lining the ceiling and soft piano music played through the speakers, making it really special. On our table was a beautiful gold plate, which was taken away once our first dish arrived, but the mystery of the plate is revealed later on in this blog post.


Spondi was opened by Apostolos Trastelis in 1996. The menu is seasonal and dependent on what produce is popular, and it won its first Michelin star in 2002 and the second in 2008.

There is an a la carte menu and 2 tasting menus – the 4 course “Initiation”menu, which costs €73 per person and the “Discovery” menu, which has 7 courses and is priced at €136 per person.

We opted for the Initiation menu as we had eaten lunch fairly late that day as it was our first day in Athens. The service was slick and as Amit had chosen a beer for his drink, the wine sommelier turned all his attention to me and chose a fabulous Greek wine for me to try.



Even though our menu was only 4 courses, we were given so many additional courses to indulge in, all a complete delight to the senses.

First to arrive was a Beetroot gnocchi with a horseradish sauce which was lovely and light, yes refreshing with tangy elements due to the horseradish. It really cleaned our taste palettes ready for the rest of the meal, and was presented really prettily.


Now something disastrous happened to me while at Spondi – my camera battery died and I could have cried as my iPhone camera quality, especially in a low light situation, is terrible. Luckily Amit had his Samsung phone so I had to resort to taking some photos with that!

What I loved was the way the waiter explained every dish patiently whilst I scribbled down notes and asked him to spell certain ingredients. It also became apparent that the restaurant prided itself on using local Greek produce as much as possible and the waiter would tell us where certain items originated from, such as the extra virgin olive oil from Crete.


The bread basket that accompanied the olive oil, had a generous helping and was a variety of classic plain bread, Parmesan and bacon breadsticks and crispy focaccia seasoned with aromatic oregano.


Then what looked like a pot arrived, with two spheres, which the waiter explained were like croquettes, made from smoked milk. They were delicious and we hadn’t even started on any of the actual menu items yet!


The first item of our actual menu was Crab parcels filled with turnip leaf, acacia honey, tarragon and mango puree and were so lovely and light. I loved the soft textures inside the parcels and the way the various flavour elements complemented each other.

Now I am not a massive fish fan so was unsure if I was going to like the second course. However I was proven wrong and it turned out to be my favourite dish from the menu! It was a Mousse of Grouper served in an onion and wild herb broth. The grouper had a lovely crips crust made from bread, and was garnished with black and white meringue balls. The sauce it was served in was simply dreamy! It was a medley of spinach, tarragon, spring onions and oxalis leaf, which gave it a slight acidic flavour.The grouper didn’t at all taste fishy which is what I was very pleased about. The sauce was a play on the Greek spinach pie and totally worth it.


The third dish on the menu, was a  Partridge dish served with foie gras, black trumpet mushroom and a potato souffle. This was both of our least favourite dish as it tasted a little meaty and the partridge was tough.


With the savoury dishes done, we were served a pre-dessert to cleanse our palette. In a wide bowl arrived a green apple sorbet garnished with a pecan nut meringue and sat on a bed of basil and mint puree. It was so refreshing and just what we needed!


Dessert is always my favourite part of a meal, and the dessert at Spondi was really special. It was a fine crust pastry flavoured with soft caramel and fleur de sel and served with a Bourbon vanilla ice cream and on that gold plate! Mystery solved. Utter heaven and just magical!



If that wasn’t enough more treats arrived in the form of coconut, lime and caramel petit fours!


We loved our meal at Spondi and highly recommend it if you are visiting Athens and want a fabulous gastronomical experience. It is pricey but worth it, and we felt that the Initiation menu was actually enough for us as we were really full after it. Even though the menu only has 4 courses, you get served way more than that!

The venue is special and gorgeous and the service is excellent. I loved the ambience and the dishes, and felt it was definitely worth every penny. It had a really romantic vibe and proved to be a memorable meal, even though my camera let me down so please do excuse the picture quality in this post!

For more information on Spondi click here.


Michelin Star dining at Benares

I get asked a lot for recommendations on restaurants with great vegetarian choices. For my cousin’s birthday, we settled on Benares from our slimmed down list, as I had been before and knew they had a separate vegetarian a la carte menu.

Benares has been in Mayfair, in the heart of Berkeley Squarem for almost 13 years and had their Michelin star for 11 years, which is really impressive.

The cuisine is what is best described as a modern take on Indian food. Alongside their a la carte menus, they also offer a street food menu, and there is so much choice to cater for even the fussiest of eaters. The cocktail menu particularly impressed me.

The layout of the restaurant is slick – when you enter you arrive at a reception lobby, where you have your coats taken away and then you go up stairs to the main restaurant.

We had a lovely corner table, and the restaurant was already busy, testament to its popularity.

I decided to have a Pineapple and Ginger Mojito, which was absolutely divine. I am one to normally stick to a classic Mojito as sometimes flavoured ones render the drink too sweet, but this blend was just amazing.  

For the amouse bouch, we had an onion bhaji, which was crispy, crunchy and delicious.

We nibbled on mini Papad served with a choice of pineapple, tomato and gooseberry chutneys, which was unusual flavours but they really worked well. I particularly enjoyed the gooseberry chutney. What was lovely was that as we got through our generous portions, they brought some more out without us even asking which was fantastic service.

For this entire meal we ordered vegetarian choices. Starting with Chana Pakodi Chaat, which is black fried chickpea dumplings, this was scrumptious and my favourite from our starter choices.

We also had trays of Aloo Mutter Samosas (Potato and Pea) and Paneer Samosas (Cottage cheese and corn). I personally preferred the Paneer samosas.


Amit had really wanted to try the Haveli Kofta, which is a seasonal vegetable and green vhilli kofta served with sautéed spinach and a peanut and sesame Sauce. All the flavours worked perfectly together and it was a must order dish from my perspective.

For mains we chose a Paneer Rogan Josh, which is classic and contemporary cottage cheese, Rogan Jusa and served with a whole wheat parantha. It was good, but there was another paneer dish on our table, with a creamy sauce (possibly Makhani), which was even yummier!

We also ordered a Dal Makhni, which was really lovely and tasty. You could tell it had been cooked the traditional way for hours.

To accompany our mains, we had Pulao mixed vegetable rice and a variety of breads.

For a full vegetarian meal, we were really impressed with the food and the choices available. It was really enjoyable.

The desserts though, stole the limelight. On the table we ordered the Peanut Butter Parfait wit Almond Cake and Cumin Marshmallow, and served with Jaggery Ice Cream as one choice. The men actually chose this dessert and they were all blown away by it. It was served beautifully and the flavours were all genius and a marriage made in heaven.

The ladies went for the Raspberry Bhapa Doi, with Pistachio Burfi and Cardamom Shortbread. This was a lovely light, fluffy dessert and I loved the contrasting textures of the burfi and shortbread. It was really refreshing and enough to keep your sweet tooth satisfied but didn’t leave you in a food coma.

All in all we were pleasantly impressed with both the service and the food and I can see why Atul Kochhar has successfully retained the Michelin star for over a decade.

Next time we go I will try the non-vegetarian dishes, but if you are a vegetarian and looking for a special place to dine, Benares has a fantastic choice.

Benares can be found at http://www.benaresrestaurant.com

Highlights of 2016 for Binny’s Kitchen & Travel Diaries

2016 has been a whirlwind year where plenty of Mojitos were consumed, lots of new friendships were made, several destinations were visited, both in the UK and abroad, and lots of dining out occurred at various new and classic restaurants!

Best Mojito of 2016

First things first! My favourite Mojito was at the Langham hotel. Trust me I have had a lot of Mojitos in the name of research to come to this conclusion 😉


Now we can carry on to the rest of the year. Here is my round up of my year with lots of photos.


The year started quietly as we had just returned from a trip back home in Kenya which had been pretty hectic with a wedding to attend and some family time split between Mombasa and Nairobi. The highlight of January however, was getting to meet Jason Atherton and getting a signed cook book. I somehow managed to win an Instagram competition on Jason’s feed and had won a meal for 2 at his restaurant Social Wine and Tapas, which was brilliant. I didn’t take my camera though and didn’t blog about it. A lesson I learned from and didn’t repeat for the rest of the year. That camera is permanently in my handbag!



The shortest month of the year and we had our first staycation of the year in Nottingham. It was fun exploring the city and visiting the castle. The highlight of the staycation was visiting the Kitty Café because if you know me you know I am a super crazy cat lady!


In London we also visited the Magic lantern festival and that was quite spectacular! I hope that there is something similar to see next year!



March was the only month where I seem to have stayed in and cooked more than I went out for some bizarre reason. I did however go to Hoppers London for some Egg Hoppers, which has definitely been a very fabulous experience.


I also had Bao, and fell in love with the Horlicks Bao. It is heavenly!



April was a month of celebrations with my Blog having its first year anniversary as well as it being our sixth wedding anniversary! We celebrated both and went for meals to Bob Bob Ricard, famous for its “Press for Champagne” button/switch as well as one of my favourites, and evidently a favourite of Michel Roux Jr too, Michelin starred Gymkhana.


With spring settling in we also visited the Cotswolds for a weekend trip and stayed at The Falcon, in the very cute and quaint town of Painswick.


We also celebrated our anniversary with a long haul trip to Mauritius where we stayed at the St Regis, which was out of this world.



May was the UK Blog Awards 2016 ceremony for which I was a finalist in both the Food & Drink and Travel categories. My work bff Anne came to stay the night with me to attend the ceremony, along with Mandy, and we went to the ceremony in a chauffeur driven BMW 7 series which had massage seats! Thank you to BMW for that little treat!


The next day we went on a road trip to Liverpool, and Amit and I explored the city and had a memorable meal at Mowgli Street Food. If you go to Liverpool it is a must try!


I went on my first ever press trip abroad too and to a destination I had visited when I was 15! It was to St. Malo in Brittany and it was such a lovely trip and I ate all the Salted Caramel I could, as well as some delicious pancakes. I got to go with my blogger friends Sandra, Omo and Eulanda and we had such a fabulous time.




June was the start of good weather and I enjoyed the Taste of London festival, a food festival where you can try dishes from most of the restaurants in London.


Got to catch up with one of my faves – Chef Vivek Singh too and got a copy of his book.


I also got to meet one of my food heroes in June and had the opportunity to have a short interview with him – the legendary Antonio Carluccio. He is such a cutie! He did answer a very important question I had for him too. Click on the link on his name above to find out what!


I also went for a fix of Asma Khan’s delicious food at Druid Street Market, where proceeds of her food went towards charity. Excited to have more of her amazing dishes in 2017.


June was also the month I worked on my first big campaign with Nescafe! It was such fun to shoot and it is my favourite brand of coffee too so worked out perfectly.



In July we made the most of the gorgeous weather and visited Rye, were we stayed at the marvellous Gallivant hotel. If you are thinking of visiting Rye, it is such a gorgeous hotel!

I also took a day out to volunteer at the charity I wholeheartedly support, the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust. Amit and I make it a point to do this yearly. To find out how you too can help have a read about it here.


I had my fix of summer ice cream in Suffolk too with a dose of some much needed beach time and some fantastic Indian food at Sea Spice restaurant in Aldeburgh.


The highlight of the month, however, (and I probably am showing my craziness here), was meeting Grumpy Cat! I stood by myself in a queue for an hour and a half and no I am not ashamed to admit it lol.



August started with a super fun tea-athon with Starwood hotels and I later returned to review my favourite afternoon tea venue at the Sheraton Grand London.

The launch party of the much anticipated Symmetry Breakfast cook book was also in August and could not be happier for Michael Zee. It was an extra special evening as Michael proposed to Mark in the book and at the launch party and a few tears of joy were shared.

Amit’s birthday is in August and this year I treated him to a 3 Michelin star meal at the Waterside inn. We loved our meal and even had the opportunity to meet Chef Alain Roux as well as get a sneak peek into the kitchen.




September was a month of travel for me and we started off with a Mediterranean Cruise with P&O where we sailed to Cadiz, Barcelona, Monaco, Rome and Naples. I also got to meet the lovely Karen from Lavender and Lovage as well as Amanda from Glamourous Glutton on the trip and we all had such a fantastic time!



As part of the cruise, we had a dinner date with THE James Martin and I am sure everyone is sick of me gushing about him now but I can’t help it. I love the man and especially love his monkey bread and snickers ice cream too.


I bravely went to Mexico City by myself too to attend the Latin America 50 Best Restaurant awards and this was such a wonderful experience and such a superbly organized press trip. I got to experience the food, culture, arts and main sights in Mexico City.


I went to the glitzy Sheraton Grand London relaunch party with my blogger friends Em and Aftab and had a fun filled evening of champagne, good chat and fantastic food.


I also went to a pasta making masterclass hosted by Theo Randall which was great fun. Most of the month was spent planning our upcoming trip to Dubai and India.



November is always my favourite month as it is my Birthday month! This year I decided to have my birthday meals at Michelin starred Kai in Mayfair, a birthday brunch with my favourite bloggers Angie from Silverspoon London and Aftab from Fresh and Fearless in the Mirror room at Rosewood London and a very special meal with Amit at Vineet Bhatia London.


We then flew to Dubai, where we stayed at the Sheraton Dubai Creek, and spent a few days on a family holiday.



We then went onwards to India where we visited Bhuj and my husband’s ancestral home, followed by a luxurious break in Mumbai at the Taj Mahal Palace Hotel, which had been high on my list of hotels to visit.



December kicked off with one of my favourite meals of the year at Jamavar. If you haven’t been yet it is a must! I have already been twice and already looking for excuses to go back. If anyone wants to go with me let me know!


I was also lucky to meet another food hero, Eric Lanlard at his Patisserie ,Cake boy thanks to Meantime Brewing Company. To kick off the festive period we made some Mince Pies with a special ingredient – Cake Boy’s Hazelnut Ale. Utterly scrumptious!


For the rest of the month I have spent some much needed time relaxing, catching up with family and friends and spending some time getting to know my brand new godson.


2016 has been a wonderful year and I am so grateful for all the experiences I have been fortunate to have, especially in terms of travel, and for the fantastic friends I have made along the way. I am really looking forward to 2017, which is set to be a year of change for me in terms of career.

As for New Years Resolutions, I want to continually improve on my blog, spend some time improving my photography and getting to use my Canon 760D better and learn Spanish (Geri if you are reading this I am learning Spanish for my return to Mexico one day).

The travel priority is going home to Kenya as I didn’t manage to make it home this year. We have also booked a weekend in Paris so am looking forward to that too.

What have been the highlights of 2016 for you? I would love to know in the comments section below.

My 10 Favourite restaurants of 2016

In 2016 I sure loved eating out…a lot! To choose ten favourites has been incredibly tough but after much contemplation here they are with a little bit of categorisation and reasoning why. Hopefully it will inspire you to try some of them out 🙂

  1. Best newcomer – Jamavar London

It has only been open since the beginning of December and I have already dined there twice which is very unusual for me! With a fantastic menu, ambience and service, this is a restaurant at the tip of my tongue for recommendations at the moment. Bravo to Chef Rohit Ghai for such a fantastic and authentic dining experience.

Jamavar London

2. Best Tasting menu – Vineet Bhatia London


When I heard that Vineet Bhatia had reopened in London with a new name and concept it was promptly booked for my birthday dinner and it was simply marvellous! A must do for a special occasion and definitely the best sensory experience I have ever had.

Vineet Bhatia London

3. Best Michelin Star experience – The Waterside Inn


Dining at the Waterside Inn had been top of my list and I treated the other half to it on his birthday. Fair to say it was spectacular and I still dream about the Lobster Medallions. The added bonus was meeting Chef Alain Roux and getting a kitchen tour.

The Waterside Inn

4. Best creative menu – Foleys


This restaurant was chosen on a spontaneous evening and the menu beat our expectations. Not surprising with an ex Palomar chef at the helm!


5. Best counter seating  – The Barbary


2016 has seen the rise of counter dining and that naan at the Barbary is every bit worth it! The food is heavenly.

The Barbary

6. Best Comfort food – Padella Pasta


Also a counter dining experience, I loved this more for the homely, comfort food factor. Truly incredible pasta. Get there early to beat the queues!

Padella Pasta

7. Favourite Italian – Margot London


Everyone loves a good Italian restaurant. Margot is special! The restaurant is beautifully decorated and the food is epic! Save space for dessert.

Margot London

8. Consistent Favourite dining experience – Roux at the Landau

Got to love Michel Roux and the Roux at the Landau, located in the Langham is just fabulous! I have eaten there for both Sunday brunch and dinner and each time it has been exceptional service, scrumptious food and a memorable time.

Roux at the Landau

9. Favourite “no reservation” restaurant – Bao & Hoppers 


Also popular this year was the rise of “no reservation” restaurants with queues that never seemed to quieten down. This was a tough choice and both are cuisines I had never tried before. It is a draw between Bao and Hoppers!

Bao was every bit worth it though especially the Horlicks Bao. The good news is that they now have a second site open!



The most fun dining experience I have had this year is Hoppers! I had never tried a Sri Lankan Hopper before and it was one of those which hit the spot. If you haven’t been yet it is a must try and the good news is that they have a better waiting system so you can spend time wisely whilst waiting for a table.


10. Best Small Plates and cocktails – Talli Joe


Restaurants are known for their food and rarely do the cocktails match up but in the case of Talli Joe I loved both so much – they definitely excel at both! The black gajar halwa for dessert was gorgeous too. Highly recommend!

Talli Joe

There we have it! I would love to know your favourites of the year. Let me know in the comments section below.


An amazing Three Michelin Star Lunch at The Waterside Inn and meeting Chef Alain Roux

I had been dying to go to The Waterside Inn for a long time and when the opportunity arose I booked it in as soon as I could to ensure I got a table on the day and at the time I wanted. I advise booking at least 3-4 weeks in advance if you want a particular slot!

Part of the Roux family’s amazing restaurants, and run by Chef Alain Roux, cousin to Michel Roux Jnr, The Waterside Inn is the first restaurant outside of France to have held three Michelin stars for 25 years.

The Michelin Guide states that one star signifies “a very good restaurant”, two stars are “excellent cooking that is worth a detour”, and three stars mean “exceptional cuisine that is worth a special journey, and so we made that special journey to Bray to see what all the fuss was about.

After having our car parked by a very smartly dressed man as part of the valet service, which was a welcome surprise as we were wondering where we would park, we were greeted by the fabulous General Manager,  Diego Masciaga. He has been with the Roux family since they were in France and he is the epitome of what good customer service should be like!

We were slightly early as we had added in travel time for any traffic and luckily didn’t encounter any and as it was a beautiful day, he suggested we sit outside on the terrace and unwind by the Thames until we were ready to go to our table.  He was totally chilled about when we could go to our table which was such a nice experience.

I had this stereotypical view of what a three michelin star restaurant would be like and I was completely proved wrong!

In such a gorgeous setting, a bottle of of champagne was called for and so we enjoyed it while relaxing on the gorgeous terrace.  It is so pretty and you can even take a boat out on the Thames (for a charge) if you wish.

We nibbled on some fantastic canapés, of which the black olive palmier was my favourite. It was so lovely to sit outside, soak in the sunshine and enjoy the morsels of pure delight presented so beautifully. We really lucked out with the weather that day!

The waiter came over with a rather extensive wine list for me to pre-choose a wine to go with my food and he saw my look of confusion and helped me chose a fabulous Pinot Noir to go with my mains, whereas after the Champagne, Amit opted for sparkling water as he had to drive back, so I proceeded to get very tipsy!

We selected our food while sat outside on the terrace and what was really nice was as I was the host I was given the menu with the prices and Amit’s menu didn’t have prices so he had no idea how much anything cost which was probably a good thing!

I do have to warn you that the next set of photos are not the best as they are taken with my iPhone as I wasn’t allowed to use my camera inside.

For starters I went for the Pan fried lobster medallions with a white port sauce and ginger flavoured vegetable julienne. I kind of wish I ordered this as a mains as it was just out of this world! If you are reading this and planning to go to The Waterside Inn please order this as a main!

Amit went for the Chilled tomato gazpacho soup flavoured with strawberries, grissini bread sticks and San Daniele ham. It was so beautifully presented shame I couldn’t capture it with my camera, but the colours of the ingredients were all so vivid.

For mains, Amit went for the Roasted loin of lamb and grilled cutlet, stuffed tomato and basil jus. He absolutely loved this dish and said it was cooked perfectly. It arrived with grandeur with a lid covering it which was taken off so theatrically. I just loved the experience that came with our lunch.

Lately I find myself choosing vegetarian dishes for mains more and more and I am really not sure why! But I went for the Layered potato gnocchi, which was served warm with asparagus, crushed truffle and a light coulis of artichoke. It was such a stunning dish and the truffle was superb.

For dessert we shared the Blackberry crème brûlée with fennel flavoured ice cream and grilled almonds. The fennel ice cream was out of this world. I enjoyed the crème brûlée but would have liked there to be slightly less blackberries in it. It was delicious nevertheless!

The birthday boy was surprised with chocolate cake which he really enjoyed and savoured and didn’t even share!

After we finished dessert we were treated to a kitchen tour by Chef Alain Roux himself which was a surprise and it was one of the nicest experiences ever. He took us to each part of the kitchen starting from where ingredients are delivered, showing us where vegetables and meat are prepared, where they are cooked and where the pastries are made and assembled.

We really enjoyed chatting to him and hearing his stories about The Waterside Inn, about his dad the great Chef Michel Roux Snr, and the history behind some of the classic dishes which have been on the menu consistently, which include the lobster dish I had.

I had the most wonderful meal and even though it was pricey at just under £300, it was worth it for the amazing food, views of the Thames and the chance to unexpectedly meet such an inspiring chef!

Amit utterly loved his birthday treat and it was a restaurant he had hinted he would like to eat at so all in all it was a fantastic dining experience for us both.

The exceptional service didn’t even end there! Diego asked me if I liked cooking and I said yes and he handed me a signed copy of Michel Roux Snr’s new book as a parting gift.

The journey to Bray was well and truly worth it and I can see why it has retained its stars all these years! If you are looking for an exceptional restaurant for a special occasion this is it! Although its setting means it is much better for spring/summer than winter, it is so worth it!

A special thank you to Diego for letting us have the most memorable and special lunch we have had in a very long time. Not sure what can beat this!

For more information go to: http://www.waterside-inn.co.uk

My blogger friend Seetal also visited The Waterside Inn and you can read her review here: http://www.savlafaire.com/waterside-inn-bray/