A gorgeous weekend at the Moorland Garden Hotel

The English countryside just takes my breath away every single time. It is the best place to de-clutter your mind. I absolutely adore the rolling heaths, the moorlands, the clean crisp air, the natural scenery everywhere you look and watching the horses and cattle, roaming around grazing whilst you drive through quiet country lanes. It is the perfect escape from the daily urban madness of the concrete jungle I experience everyday, not to mention so romantic too! What I love most is the tranquility and how serene it all is.

PS: I did (Sheepishly) have to try and look cool as cars drove past whilst I tried to pose with these clouds with legs which was rather amusing for both me and for the drivers!


We recently visited south-west Devon, close to the Dartmoor National Park, as well as a short drive away from the ocean city of Plymouth for a staycation. Our home for the weekend was the Moorland Garden Hotel, which was absolutely gorgeous.

With amazing and enviable views of the moors, the aptly named Moorland Garden Hotel is accessed through a scenic driveway and it just has stunning greenery all around it. We felt instantly relaxed as we drove in and parked in the car park, which has ample parking. We did spot a horse and a rabbit whilst we drove in and as urbanites we squealed with excitement. It is so peaceful and quiet – an oasis of calm and just the perfect location for a little escapade.



Check in was so quick and seamless and the hostess was so lovely. Our room was the Lily of the Valley Suite and it had serious interior goals inside! It was all just so pretty. The hotel has forty four rooms in total and is a 4 star hotel.



It was spacious and comfortable and I was so excited to have this as my home for 2 nights. The colour scheme is eclectic and I adored the wallpaper and furnishings used in the room. There was a cupboard for storage, a desk, sofas, and a television. Our view looked out to the Moors and the gardens and it was just serene.

There were bath robes on our bed which were lush and the bathroom was spacious with fabulous toiletries and a bath tub. The perfect way to relax after a long day exploring is definitely to run a bath and take a soak!

There is a lounge area within the room with a long coffee table with lots of magazines and novels tucked inside it. I love it when hotels think of all the little extra ways to make your stay that much more special and thought this was such a lovely way to encourage people to relax.


We also had a fresh fruit bowl and some cookies to welcome us with which we thoroughly enjoyed after an unexpectedly long drive thanks to London traffic. What was lovely was that these were replenished the next day!


The hotel has an award winning in house restaurant called the Wildflower restaurant, which recently retained its AA rosettes. How stunning is the restaurant?



The food we had for dinner was exquisite in terms of taste, presentation and choice and I loved that a lot of local regional produce was used in the dishes.

We especially loved the cheese selection we had for dessert so much so that we had to go find the cheese at a local farm shop before heading back to London. Big thanks to Moorland Garden Hotel for the recommendation as the farm shop was amazing.


The Wildflower restaurant is also the venue for breakfast and you could have either continental, cooked or both. It was a really good selection and there was also a lovely spread of fresh juices, pastries, fresh fruits and cereals if you fancied something lighter.


There is a separate bar and lounge area with a roaring fireplace which is such a lovely comfortable place to spend time. There is a shelf with books and board games to keep you busy or you can simply just chat and catch up over a lovely drink.


The hotel also serves an award winning Devon Cream Tea, as awarded by The Cream Tea Club and at an amazing £5.95 per person you would be mad not to try it! I did of course indulge wholeheartedly and can happily report that it was absolutely incredible!


We had a mix of fruit scones and plain scones and just to be on the safe side I tried one scone the Devon way with cream first and the other the Cornish way, with jam first. Both tasted really good 🙂

The hotel is in such a good location as you can explore the ocean town of Plymouth, Dartmoor, south-west Devon and the eastern fringe of Cornwall from it. The area is perfect for walks and there are some activities near by, including the Buckland Abbey which is really worth a visit. We especially loved driving into Plymouth, which has a marina and some cute fudge shops and team rooms, as well as a Gin Distillery where you can go for tours.

If you are looking for pretty destinations to get married, the hotel has some beautiful grounds and a massive bridal suite! They offer wedding packages and with such amazing food on site it is a fabulous venue to have your big day. As well as weddings, it is a great venue for conferences too and there was actually one on whilst we were staying there.

If you fancy some pampering, the hotel does offer in room treatments such as massages, reflexology and beauty therapies. Whilst there is no spa on site this is a fantastic service available from the comfort of your own room.

If you fancy taking your pooch along for a break, this hotel is very dog friendly and there are little water bowls I spotted everywhere to keep your dog hydrated.

We had a truly wonderful stay and loved our room as well as the dining options and food in the hotel, especially the cream tea, and would love to come back one day for a break from the city! It was just the best way to re-energise and rest.

If you are looking for a little country escapade I can’t recommend the Moorland Garden Hotel enough. The location, the food and the service make it the perfect place for a staycation with beautiful surroundings.

For more information on Moorland Garden Hotel you can visit their website here.

Our stay was complimentary but all views and photos are my own.




Cocktails at Bar Boulud at Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park

Located at one of the most enviable addresses in Knightsbridge, the Mandarin Oriental Hyde Park is home to Daniel Boulud’s French Bistro style bar and restaurant, Bar Boulud. He also has venues in New York and Boston.

Now the Mandarin Oriental has some fond memories for me as when Amit and I were in the early stages of our relationship we decided to spend one new year’s eve celebration there and it was a truly luxurious experience! Sadly this was well before I started my blog so I didn’t even think to take room photos at the time. We had such a stunning room and we stayed hydrated with a bottle of chilled champagne and were snug from the freezing temperatures outside. It was truly marvellous.

Knightsbridge, I find, no matter what time of day it is, always seems to be busy with tourists, either keen to shop or window shop at some of the finest stores in the vicinity. Bar Boulud, as we discovered, is an amazing sanctuary from the hustle and bustle of the mad rush outside and we felt relaxed the moment we stepped in. We had decided to have drinks there before moving on elsewhere in Knightsbridge for dinner. It is rare we get to spend a weekday evening out together so it was fabulous.

Greeted with welcoming smiles and friendly hosts, we were shown to our table with swift service and given the cocktail and wine menu to peer through. We weren’t pressured for time at all and loved the ambience, as well as the fact that it was so spacious and that I could see the bar and watch the bartenders mixing drinks and theatrically shaking cocktail shakers.

Now the signature cocktail at Bar Boulud is the White Cosmopolitan, which is served with white grape juice in lieu of cranberry juice. It is rather special as it also comes with a flower frozen in a floating ice ball. I didn’t personally order this but had drink envy at a neighbouring table who had ordered it! I had a good reason not to on this occasion because there was also Champagne Mojito on the menu which is what I went for! I will try the White Cosmopolitan when I next visit the bar.


The Champagne Mojito was utterly delicious and I usually prefer my Mojitos classic but the addition of champagne just made it that much more special. It was a lovely drink and I would definitely be back for it! Chairman’s reserve rum was the base rum used for this cocktail alongside the usual mint leaves, lime, soda water and for that extra sparkle, champagne.


Amit had wanted a more manly drink so he chose a Venezuelan Old Fashioned, which was really well mixed and tasted so good! This was a blend of Diplomatico reserve rum, averna chocolate bitters, orange bitters and demerara sugar. We both somehow ended up having rum based cocktails so we are definitely a match made in heaven 😉

The drinks were excellent, as was the service. The restaurant is adjacent to the bar so we could see the various dishes heading towards the eager and excited diners as well as catch their aroma, which made us want to come back on a different day for dinner to try the food as it smelt really good.

Bar Boulud is an ideal place to catch up with friends or work colleagues or to relax after a day of shopping or battling the crowds outside. It is also lovely for a date night as we found. If you happen to be in the area you really have no excuse not to drop in for a tipple.

The venue is gorgeous and the drinks are really good. Both the wine and cocktail menu are extensive and the service is excellent. I had a superb time at Bar Boulud and will definitely be back. Thanks for having us!

For more information on Bar Boulud visit their website here.



A photographic food safari of my favourite food from Mombasa, Kenya

I was born and brought up in Mombasa, a coastal city in Kenya, up until the age of 16 and on my visits back home in recent years, there are some dishes I just can’t wait to eat and try and make it a point to have. These are a mix of street food dishes, which can be found roadside, as well as dishes that can be found in restaurants.

Some of these dishes have been influenced in terms of taste, flavours, cooking style as well as presentation by Kenya’s historical foreign settlers such as Indians, Arabs, Europeans, just to name a few. For example, the use of spices, coconut,  fresh herbs such as coriander and vegetables, such as green chillis, have shaped some of the dishes today. You will also notice that the simple seasoning of salt, chilli, lemon and sugar is prominent in many dishes mentioned in this post.

The Indian influences on the cuisine, in particular, is due to Indians moving to Kenya about a century ago to work as railway workers on what was known as the “lunatic line” or to set up businesses from scratch. As a result, some popular Indian dishes continue to remain prominent in Kenya today.  If you haven’t watched the film The Ghost and the Darkness, I highly recommend it for an insight into what it was like working on the railway lines.

These are my personal favourites, that I love to eat whenever visiting Mombasa, and in no particular order. This is by no means a conclusive list so if you have any favourites which I haven’t mentioned I would love to know about them! Just add them in the comments section below.


Mogo, or Mohogo, as it is sometimes known, is grilled or fried cassava, and a popular snack found at the infamous “Lighthouse,” on Mama Ngina Drive where locals drive through at a leisurely pace or park up to enjoy the sea breeze, chat and catch up and eat delicious street food dishes.

Mogo (pictured below) is usually seasoned with a blend of salt, chilli, sugar and a squeeze of lime. So simple yet so satisfying!


Also made from the cassava are Mogo crisps, which are sold per the bag at Lighthouse. They are usually very fresh and you can ask for them to be seasoned how you like.


Makai (corn on the cob)

Also found at “Lighthouse” is grilled sweet corn which is usually garnished with lime and chilli. You can ask for it mild, medium or hot!


Grilled sweet potato

Another great dish found on Mombasa’s most popular pier front, is grilled sweet potato which you can have with a sprinkling of chilli and salt (sensing a theme here?) and it is utterly divine. I love the soft texture of the sweet potato and the tangy hit of the seasoning.



Available all over the island, there is surely no better way to quench your thirst and stay hydrated? The flesh is so delicious too!



Another snack that originated from India but the Kenyan version is next level amazing. Balls filled with deliciousness and usually enjoyed on Sundays over an indulgent breakfast, I think every Mombasa resident can resonate with the famous Bhagwanji kachoris! The good news is that they have opened branches in Nairobi too!


Bhajias with fresh coconut chutney

Bhajias are popular East African snacks whose origins lie in India. There are so many variants of Bhajias or Bajias, as they are sometimes referred to. They can be found roadside and best eaten hot with a cooling fresh coconut chutney.


Mahamri and bharazi

Mahamris are a special type of triangle shaped doughnut flavoured with coconut and cardamom. They are usually served with gunga peas cooked in coconut milk. They are DELICIOUS and the perfect breakfast meal.



Being a coastal city, Mombasa has the best and freshest sea food and I absolutely love lobster and prawns especially.  Fish is always a good idea too! Some of my favourite places are Monsoons, Sea Haven, La Marina and Monsoon. They all offer Al fresco dining with a sea view and the food is incredible.




Usually sold in bags, these are baobab seeds flavoured with sugar and other ingredients and usually coloured red with food colouring, although now you can get many more variants.




This is dried mango which is then sweetened or salted and coloured using food colouring. These are rather addictive and they have a lovely chewy texture and a tangy taste.



The best Halwa is usually found in Malindi, but you can get it available within Mombasa too. Halwa is a sweetmeat confection with a jelly like consistence. It is usually made from starch, cardamom, ghee and lots of sugar. It is then garnished with cashew nuts or almonds. They are usually sold in a log shape and wrapped with paper.

Nyama choma

Availsble widely from roadside shacks to restaurants, Nyama choma, which is roast or barbecued meat, is one of Kenya’s specialities. It is also Kenya’s unofficial national dish.


You can find it on most street sides. Alternatively, Mubins, which has a venue both in town and in Nyali in Mombasa, do really good barbecued meat.

Poussin chips

Nothing makes me happier than a plate of Poussin chips. Poussin sauce has also been my most popular recipe on my blog. The sauce is made from margarine/butter and drizzled all over chips or alternatively used as a marinade for meat or fish. Most Barbecue restaurants in Mombasa such as Hashmi or Sham E Bahaar have this available.


Packed potatoes

Packed potatoes are my weakness – they are thick slices of potatoes sandwiched together with a delectable mix of chilli, salt and lemon and then deep fried with a seasoned gram flour batter. Heaven served with a cooling chutney!  I recently had this at the Aga Khan club in Mombasa, as well as roadside.


Zanzibar Mix, also known as Mombasa Mix to coastal locals

Mix, is well loved in our family, and my favourite to date has been at the Aga Khan club. Thanks to the lovely Nasim for treating me to a wonderful bowl of mix as well as a catch up during my last trip to the coast.

So what is mix? It is exactly what the name suggests and is a mix of potatoes, chickpeas, spices, coconut sauce, dashes of chutney, raw mango, sev, chevro and bhajias. It is divine! It originated in Zanzibar but East Africa has adapted it and it has become somewhat of a speciality in Mombasa too. This dish is the perfect example of multiple cultural influences on the cuisine of Kenya.



Finally who doesn’t love samosas? Triangular parcels of delight! These are an example of an Indian snack adopted by Kenya and it even has an alternative name which is Sambusa! These can be filled with vegetables or meat and are best eaten hot!


Do you have any favourites in Mombasa? Would love to know in the comments section below.

Binny xx

A regal stay at Bovey Castle

Introduction to the Angles

Once upon a time, in a land surrounded mostly by high rise buildings, the London Eye and Big Ben, properly known as The Elizabeth Tower named after a real life Queen, were four friends known as the Angles, who had all assembled to this land and made it their chosen home. One Angle (me) originated from the continent of Africa, the other New Zealand, whilst the remaining two were born in England.


Photo credit: Angie

These Angles, for the sake of this story, happened to be Prince and Princesses too and the Prince in this tale is our one and only Aftab from Fresh and Fearlesss, whilst the Princesses are Angie from Silverspoon London, Emma known as the London Kiwi Emma and myself, Binny from Binny’s Kitchen.

So how did this Prince and 3 Princesses cross paths? Well as strange as it sounds, it was actually through the blogosphere through their common love for blogging, and they firmly became friends over copious amounts of Mojitos, Pornstar Martinis, Champagne, breakfast dates and generally because they had so much in common and all complimented each other’s vast personalities.

Before anyone thinks my spelling has gone all crazy, Angles is used deliberately and was our fitting name born from an auto correct error on Whatsapp by the Prince of the group, who had meant to call the Princesses his Angels but ended up calling them Angles. It was also said Prince’s birthday recently and so the 3 other Princess Angles had decided to surprise him with a birthday trip away.

PS: all 4 Angles make a perfect square 🙂

The secret plot

The Princesses created a secret Whatsapp group called “Don’t tell Aftab” and quickly plotted options of where to take the Prince on his surprise trip. Train tickets and Junior Suites were booked once the destination was chosen and then the Prince was taunted with threats of selfies with Paddington Bear, McDonald lunches and camping (not glamping) on muddy terraines forcibly wearing backward caps. It turns out the Prince doesn’t even own a cap! (Don’t worry Aftab, this will be rectified soon).

In reality, the Princesses had gone all out and booked massive rooms at Bovey Castle, a luxury castle in Dartmoor, for an overnight stay. The only clue Prince Aftab had been given was that Princess Angie was getting her hair done and that it was a good idea to pack a suit. All other questions were ignored swiftly to avoid giving away even the tiniest of detail.

The Journey to Bovey Castle

The Princesses and the unsuspecting Prince began their journey at Paddington station at 11:30am on a Sunday morning. They jumped on to a train with the Prince not allowed to read the destination. Princess Angie had kindly brought Champagne for refreshments which were well consumed after many boomerang attempts had been made.


Prince Aftab was still none the wiser during the journey and when the train pulled up at Exter St Davids was when the Prince and Princesses all jumped off.


However, it was still another 40 minute drive to the castle and this further added to the anticipation as even the driver, known as Mr Apple (that was the name of the taxi company so he has inherited this name) decided to join in the taunting fun and scared Prince Aftab with descriptions of muddy campsites with no wifi and having to eat daffodils for survival. The funny part is that they were actually without wifi for a good couple of hours.

It was all worth it though, driving through the gorgeous English countryside and Prince Aftab spotting horses and ponies along the way being a massive equestrian lover. The car soon arrived at regal looking glossy gates and then a winding road leading up to the castle and Prince Aftab shrieked with excitement realising that he was going to spend the night in a castle.


The rooms at Bovey Castle

Check in was smooth and seamless and the Prince and Princesses were all shown their individual rooms, where they quickly took obligatory room photos and videos for insta stories and then re-assembled for lunch outside on a glorious day as they were all absolutely starving.

All the rooms were Junior suites and had some serious design features, breathtaking views and just all massive!


Princess Binny’s room is pictured above and had a super comfy bed complete with Mulberry England pillows, a separate lounge area and a spacious bathroom with both a dreamy tub and a shower.

However, Princess Angie’s bathroom was the one that they were all super jealous of. Look at that!


Lunch at Bovey Castle


How gorgeous is this lunch spot and how amazing are the views?


Lunch was delicious and the Prince and Princesses were all so hungry so everything was devoured rapidly. Princess Binny went for the SMITH’s fish ‘n’ chips, Princess Emma chose scotch eggs, and Princess Angie went for smoked salmon whilst Prince Aftab opted for the roast chicken sandwich with lettuce and tomato.


After lunch the Prince and Princesses relaxed in the bar area with some coffees whilst they planned what they were going to do that evening and the next day.


The Princesses had arranged for some champagne to be sent to Prince Aftab’s room and he somehow ended up with two, so one bottle was consumed before everyone went to their rooms to freshen up and get ready for dinner.

Dinner and Drinks

The Prince and Princesses wore their respective fancy outfits and met up for dinner, which was the most excellent affair. Starting off with champagne (Ruinart), they enjoyed some luscious starters, mains and desserts and it was a fabulous fine dining experience.


The selection of starters included smoked & cured South coast sea trout served with winter beetroot and goat’s curd, seared diver scallops, accompanied with a Oyster emulsion, pickled onions and beer battered clams and beetroot salad with goat’s curd. I do apologise for the quality of these photos as my camera just did not like the lighting that evening!


The mains included a poached fillet of Cornish turbot, rosette of Devon lamb and fillet of “Dartmoor Beef Welly” which had to be shared between two people.


Dessert was a selection that included warm dark chocolate fondant with fennel ice-cream and blood orange, honeycomb ice-cream and a baked rum pineapple served with coconut cake and raisins.


Breakfast and Exploring the grounds

After a champagne fuelled evening, the Prince and Princesses had breakfast with slightly sore heads and opted for cooked breakfasts from the menu, before heading off to explore the gorgeous grounds of the Castle. Pictured below is a delicious Egg Benedict.


A Golf Buggy was hired and Prince Aftab and Princess Emma took it in turns to drive.


There is so much to do and see within the vicinity and they just could not stop marvelling at the perfectly manicured green gardens, rolling hills, lakes and features. The majority of the grounds is a golf course so if you are a keen golfer this is an idea holiday venue.

There are also tennis courts and lovely areas to walk around in.


All was going well with the Golf Buggy and exploring the area snapping away taking various photos and the Prince and Princesses were thoroughly enjoying themselves. It was a lovely sunny day with warm temperatures and that fresh crisp countryside air to breathe in while birds chirped away happily.

An Outtake and Crime Scene

…Until disaster struck and the Golf Buggy managed to get stuck in the mud. The below area will forever be etched in the minds of the Prince and Princesses.


All four royals descended the buggy and attempted to push it out of the mud and after several attempts were successful, even though with muddy shoes and slightly bemused faces.

The Golf Buggy had also been decorated with bits of mud. This didn’t deter the Prince and Princesses, who continued their journey across the grounds to get the best shots.


This is what you get when bloggers are faced with an amazing view of the castle! Thanks to Princess Emma for capturing this action shot!

Saying goodbye to Bovey Castle and resident Beaky

After a very thorough exploration, the Prince and Princesses returned to the castle for a final lunch and to catch their breath before taking a taxi drive back to the station to return to their promised land, London.

The blog post cannot end with mention of resident Beaky, who lives in a gorgeous room at the castle.


Yes we all know how much Princess Binny loves African Grey Parrots so this made her very excitable and she loved getting to know Lord Beaky.

The verdict

The Prince loved his stay at the castle and was totally in his element. The princesses also had an amazing time and they would all recommend Bovey Castle for a fabulous escape without any hesitation.

The rooms were just brimming with wow factors and the bed was so comfortable. They had lovely little touches such as complimentary Sloe Gin in the room.


The grounds are stunning and so picturesque. Sometimes it is a great reminder of how serene the English countryside is and how a staycation is so ideal to escape the hustle and bustle of the city. You don’t always have to fly abroad to have a holiday 😉

It is also very romantic, as well as being perfect for a family break. Dogs are very welcome too so if you are looking for a dog friendly venue, this is perfect.

There us so much to do, as well as there being a spa on site if you want to pamper yourself, as well as an indoor pool.

The food and drink is fabulous and the Prince and Princess thoroughly enjoyed all their meals on site.

All in all it was the perfect escapade and choice of venue for Prince Aftab’s birthday surprise and all the royals were keen to come back one day, as well as already planning the next Angle adventure.

For more information on Bovey Castle go to their website, which can be accessed here.



The Chocoholic Afternoon Tea at Four Seasons Hotel London at Ten Trinity Square

There is a sparkly brand new Four Seasons Hotel in London, located at a very special and swanky venue – in a Grade II Listed building at Ten Trinity Square, which was once the 1922 headquarters of the Port of London Authority. It overlooks the River Thames at Tower Hill, in the south-eastern corner of the City. In fact, we enjoyed the views of the Tower of London and glimpses of Tower Bridge before setting foot in to the grand building.


As stunning as the architecture is on the exterior, the interior is even more show stopping and as you walk into the building you feel like you are entering an interior lover’s dream. This is what I love about the Four Seasons brand – you always feel that wow factor whenever you walk into the hotel.



Through this lovely section is the Rotunda, where there is the most beautiful bar I have seen, as well as a lounge area, the venue for our Afternoon Tea.


As we visited during the Easter long weekend, there were two Afternoon Tea varieties available – a special limited edition one for Easter called The Chocoholic Afternoon Tea, as well as The Royal Afternoon Tea. We were keen to try the Chocoholic one and so we sat back and relaxed whilst the lovely David, our waiter that afternoon, talked us through the courses and poured us some lovely chilled champagne.


Our choice of champagne was the The Charles Heidsieck Blanc des Millenaires 1995 Vintage and it was really lovely and we toasted to a wonderful afternoon ahead.


As it was Easter, the bar had also prepared a special cocktail complete with mini eggs attached to the side of the glass for all the guests. It was made to mimic an Easter garden and it was utterly delectable. I thought this was a wonderful gesture as it made the experience feel that much more personal and special to mark the Easter Bank Holiday weekend.


We then selected our choice of teas from the rather impressive and extensive choice available. I went for a White Tea and picked the Jasmine Silver Tip, whilst Amit went for a Black Tea – the Shire Highlands Hand Rolled from Malawi.




First to arrive were our selection of sandwiches and it all arrived and just looked show stopping. I don’t think I have ever seen such a pretty assortment of savouries at an Afternoon Tea quite like this one as usually the focus is always on the pastries!


I mean wow! You’d be forgiven for thinking that this platter was a mix of savoury and sweet as they were all delicately decorated. Each of the selection have an element of chocolate incorporated into them which I thought was really innovative and clever.

The choices were Roasted Beef, Goat Cheese Mousse, Foie Gras Terrine, Egg Mimosa and Scottish Salmon Rolls. Before we dug in David, our waiter, instructed us to lift up our side plates and look underneath. There was a map and he then he explained the history of the venue in which we were enjoying our afternoon tea and how goods were registered in the very room in which we were seated.

He also pointed out aspects around the room and details on the walls which were there for Feng Shui. I found this really fascinating and he had me captivated and wanting to know more about the history of the building, as well as the Four Seasons brand. What I did take away was that he absolutely loves working for this hotel brand and you could totally see the passion and enthusiasm in his facial expressions of glee and delight.

I then thoroughly enjoyed trying each of the sandwiches and my favourite was definitely the Egg Mimosa. It had truffle in it and is by far the best egg sandwich I have had in my life hands down because the addition of truffle is just pure genius! Amit loved it too, so much so that he asked if he could have one more!

Then after a short pause while we reflected on our scrumptious savouries, the pastry course arrived! I love it when an Afternoon Tea stand arrives at the table. I always find it so exciting to see the various shapes, colours and designs of each of the pastries and this one was beautiful!


The pastries were at the top tier, the homemade chocolate scones were in the middle tier, and the various ramekins filled with clotted cream, seasonal jam and chocolate hazelnut spread adorned the bottom tier.


I loved the attention to detail and had a clear favourite and that was the Orange hued choux bun with tonka mouselline and made with 70% Guanaja chocolate. Each of the pastries are created using Valrhona chocolates.


I also loved the Chocolate tart with raspberry and candied ginger. The combination of flavours was perfect and we were truly in chocolate heaven.


The other pastries included a chocolate mousse trio, a Macaroon with Matcha and Orange confit, and a Caramel Crunch with chocolate chantilly . I also really liked the light and fluffy texture of the mousse trio. It was truly a special selection of pastries and the scones were gorgeous too!

I thoroughly enjoyed the experience and the Rotunda is a gorgeous space – it is luxurious with an art deco feel and elegant interiors. I definitely want to come back for cocktails at the bar as I love its striking design and its “Instagram worthiness.”

The Chocoholic Afternoon Tea is on till the 23 April so get yourself booked in quick. Alternatively the Royal Afternoon Tea sounds lovely too.

The Four Seasons Hotel London at Ten Trinity Square can be found at:

Four Seasons Hotel London at Ten Trinity Square
10 Trinity Square

Disclaimer: Our afternoon tea was complimentary. All views and photos are my own.








The Trader’s High Tea at Cinnamon Bazaar

I am a massive Afternoon Tea fan and absolutely love the tradition of sitting through various course at a leisurely pace and sipping on countless cups of tea whilst indulging. For a different take on the classic High Tea, I absolutely loved the Trader’s High Tea at the colourful and vibrant Cinnamon Bazaar, found on Maiden Lane in Covent Garden.


Away from the hustle and bustle of the surrounding streets, you can escape into a tranquil, colourful space and enjoy some incredible food while chatting away. The service is always excellent – attentive without being intrusive, and I just adore the decor.

The Trader’s High Tea is excellent value at £15 per person, and for an additional £5 each you can kick off the meal with style by enjoying the signature Cinnamon Bellini, which is delicious.


Down to the important aspect – the tea, you can choose between a selection of the finest JING teas or opt for the traditional Indian Masala Chai, which is freshly brewed in-house with ginger and cardamom. We chose the Masala Chai and the intoxicating aroma was enough to put us at ease and sit back and relax. I lost count of how many cups I had as it was just amazing.


We both opted for the non-vegetarian menu and so to start with we had Tandoori chicken and chutney sandwich, and a Bhangra lamb slider. The vegetarian choices were Paneer naan pizza and a Bengali beetroot burger, which I would love to try next time too. My personal favourite from the two was the Tandoori chicken and chutney sandwich. It was just so delectable.


The next course was chaats and we had anAloo tikki chaat, which is spiced potato cake with curried white peas andchickpea sev, as well as Samosa chaat, which is a mix of Punjabi vegetable samosa, curried white peas and drizzled with tangy tamarind chutney. I had tried these chaats before when I visited for dinner, but this was Amit’s first experience of Cinnamon Bazaar and he loved them as much as I did.


We were already so stuffed by this point but we soldiered on for the sweet course, which was a Carrot halwa roll and a Dark chocolate and walnut cake. The cake was just so delightful and dreamy!


If you didn’t want to do the 3 course Trader’s High Tea and instead fancied chaats you could ask to see Chamiya, the movable hand-painted cart serving a range of street-food cold chaat dishes. How pretty is that?


We thoroughly enjoyed our High Tea experience and left feeling very full. It is such a good menu and a really great way to spend an afternoon after a busy day shopping, as a pre-theatre treat or even as an alternative way to catch up with friends or family.

The Trader’s High Tea is served daily from 3pm to 5:30pm and I would recommend it to anyone seeking a fun, alternative type of Afternoon Tea as well as a taster of the fabulous dishes that Cinnamon Bazaar has to offer. For more information about the Trader’s High Tea as well as Cinnamon Bazaar, visit their website.

Disclaimer: Our Trader’s High Tea was complimentary, but all views and photos are my own.