Contemporary Fine Dining at Lotus, London

Hidden away from the hoards of tourists that flock Leicester Square is a fabulous luxurious award winning fine dining Indian restaurant called Lotus, headed up by Chef Patron Bhaskar Banerjee. The food takes influences from various parts of India and the restaurant has a lovely upmarket modern feel and the ambience is vibrant and warm. The Lotus flower is actually the national flower of India so a really fitting name.

Whilst it appears spacious inside, it only hosts approximately 60 covers so is nice and intimate without feeling claustrophobic or too close to another table.

We started off with ordering drinks. I decided to go for a Lassi which was flavoured with Sea Salt, Roasted Cumin, Ginger & Coriander. Amit went for a Cranberry and Lemongrass Lemonade which was really refreshing. We did have a look at the cocktail list and there were some really good choices on there but we had both already had cocktails elsewhere before so just wanted to hydrate.


To kick of our meal we were brought a Tomato Rasam which is similar a tomato broth, which was so warming and delicious. I could have had the whole saucepan it was that scrumptious with the right level of spices.


Then followed a Rattes chickpea, sev and yoghurt chaat which was so refreshing, light and full of flavour. I loved how the menu had a combination of street food and classic dishes with fusion twists. The menu also had suggestions for wine pairing if you fancied doing that and I found this unique and impressive too.



While we waited for the rest of our starters selection to arrive we nibbled on an assortment of Poppadums with different textures and flavours such as Rice, Potato and Finger Millet and which were served with Mango, Apricot, Mint, Red Chilly and Green Tomato Chutneys.



Now my favourite street food which I know as Pani Puri and which is also known as Golgappa or Puchkas had a little twist and had the additional ingredient of sweet corn. They were called Corn Chaat Golgappa and were accompanied with Jaljeera and a Tamarind Chutney. It was so much fun eating them and I loved the explosion of flavours in my mouth.


To complete our starter selection, we also tried the Fried Chicken Wing Tulips which was accompanied with a Tomato Chutney. The flavour was just perfect and I loved these. They reminded me of an upmarket and spicier version of chicken drumsticks.



Amit had been excited that the menu had a whole section dedicated to Kebabs and he selected the Red Snapper and Cobia Kebabs which were flavoured with Mustard essence, Crisp Bengal Gram and served with a cooling Dill yogurt. This was such an unusual offering but it really worked.


For mains we were recommended the Prawns Narkel Shorshe which is prawns cooked within a Dehusked tender Coconut and Served with Organic Rice, Indian Lemon and Chillies. Not only was the presentation of this dish rather special and impressive, it was absolutely divine. I was instantly transported to coastal destinations and if you visit Lotus for a meal this is a must order dish.


I love breads so we had a selection of breads alongside the rice to eat the Prawn curry with and the breads were exactly how I like them – thin, fluffy and buttery.


All our savoury dishes were incredibly tasty, full of flavour. perfectly and delicately spiced and presented beautifully. Now it was time for dessert!

For dessert we went for the Raj Bhog, Clementine and Basil Doi which was a very novel choice of flavours and beautifully plated. Raj Bhog is similar to a Rasgulla and this was my favourite out of the two.

As an after dinner treat we were presented with these chocolate balls filled with a fruit filling. They were a nice change to the Mint chocolate thins you normally get handed at the end of an Indian meal.


The service was amazing and the restaurant is a lovely hidden gem away from the manic-ness of Leicester Square. It has a lovely vibe so fantastic for date nights or a venue for catch ups. It is priced slightly higher end and is fine dining so really special. My highlight was definitely the prawns cooked in the de-husked coconut and I loved the sound of all the dishes on the menu so will be back to try some other dishes.

For information about the restaurant and to see menus visit their site here.

Disclaimer : Our meal was complimentary but all views, photos and opinions are my own.




  1. May 11, 2017 / 8:43 am

    Could a vegetarian eat here? The pani puri and chaat looks scrumptious!

  2. May 12, 2017 / 11:51 pm

    OMG I was invited here last year and thought it was amazing!!! Glad you liked it too! I hope more people would go because it really was yummy!

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