A signature masterclass with Georgina Davies and the Robert Welch Signature range

A signature masterclass with Georgina Davies and the Robert Welch Signature range

There are knives and then there are stunning, superb quality knives and that is exactly what the Robert Welch range of knives is. They are one in a million. So amazing that they are celebrating the sale of their millionth item from the Signature Knife range.

The idea and concept for every product is born in the Old Silk Mill at Chipping Campden by the Robert Welch design team. The Mill, nestled in the English Cotswold Hills, is the original location, where founder Robert Welch began designing his products based in one tiny room in 1955.

Today his son and daughter, Rupert and Alice, carry on his legacy, in creating fantastic amazing products and keeping with his philosophy, brand values and vision.

I had the opportunity to try the Robert Welch Signature knife range, at an event cooking an exclusive recipe, demonstrated by brand ambassador and chef Georgina Davies, at the Good Housekeeping Institute, which a group of food bloggers, including myself, then recreated.



After a brief introduction from Managing Director, Rupert Welch, we were talked through the different knives, as well as given an insight into the journey a knife goes through from a slab of stainless steel to then final product.

This was so fascinating as I had never had the opportunity to see this before. What was evident is that there is a lot of quality control and design before a set of knives hits the stores.

We were then treated to a signature masterclass by Georgina Davies, and she showed us handy tips, tricks and techniques on preparing vegetables with the knife in efficient, easy, simple and ingenious ways.

Her final, stunning dish! A Fennel, radish and fig noodle salad with salsa verde dressing. How beautiful does this look?

As an added bonus, Georgina also demonstrated how to slice tomatoes perfectly, something I struggle with (juice everywhere). The trick is the sharpness of the knife!

Demonstration over, we were given a “master chef” style challenge – to recreate Georgina’s recipe using the produce, and knives laid out on each of our workstations in a set period of time. No pressure. Who am I kidding. Adrenalin rushing, it was ready set go!

We tried the Cook’s knife, Kitchen knife and Santoku knife, chopping, slicing, and dicing, the variety of vegetables, fruit, herbs and nuts, for the recipe. I really enjoyed using them and my favourite was the Santoku knife.

The knives were brand new and I was amazed at how wonderfully they cut through the vegetables, figs, nuts and herbs enabling us to prepare our food in record speed. It felt like one of those eureka moments where you find something you have always needed – a good set of quality knives!

It was amazing to see the end results as every single blogger had a different look to the original dish, but each looked beautiful in their own style and presentation.

Here is my attempt. I am pleased to note that the recipe was extremely good. So good that my husband had it for his dinner and loved it!

We then had to line all our dishes up for Georgina to judge and the winner won a dinner for two. Well done to Ruth from The Pink Whisk, who won.

Side by side are my dish (left) and Lauren’s from Elle Bloggs. We had a fantastic time catching up whilst preparing our dishes. That is the nicest thing about blogging – the friends you make.

I had an amazing time trying out the Robert Welch Signature knives and they are incredibly ergonomic, sharp and excellent quality knives.

It really made me think that I needed to upgrade my knives and so was pleased to be given a set of Signature knives to take home. I will be reviewing these separately so keep an eye out for the review and a chance to win a set of your own.

If you are looking to change your knives at home, these are fantastic and the quality is top notch.

For more information about the Signature range go to: www.robertwelch.com/signature


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