An evening of wine tasting with Espiritu De Chile wines at Pachamama.

An evening of wine tasting with Espiritu De Chile wines at Pachamama.

I had the opportunity to try`Aresti Wines at an exclusive wine tasting event at London’s Pachamama restaurant. In fact our group were the first in the UK to officially try them!

When we arrived at Pachamama we were greeted with a glass of prosecco and an introduction to Jon, who was our host for the evening and who’d come all the way especially from Chile to talk to us about the different wines.

Espiritu De Chile’s winery is located in Molina, which is near Curico in Chile.  The winery is owned by one of the most prestigious family run wine operations in Chile, ACW, Espiritu and was launched in 2005 to  help spread Chile’s traditional winemaking across the world. It is now available in over 30 countries.

The three main ranges under the Espiritu de Chile collection are the classic, reserva and the Winemaker’s Collection, and we got to try a selection of each of them during our Pachamama meal.

We had a tasting menu and pictured below are some of the dishes we had. My favourites were the padron peppers, Beef short rib croquettes (which were my favourite), Brown crab and yuca churros, among so many fantastic dishes.

The menu was categorised by snacks, land, sea, soil and sweets and every single dish was so full of flavour and delicious. The restaurant catered extremely well for food allergies and intolerances too which I was really impressed by.

Desserts were Aji truffles (which were amazing) and fig alfajores. I would definitely be back at Pachamama for dinner as the food was just so good!

From all the wines I loved the red wine the best and was so pleased to have been given a bottle to take home to enjoy. I am so looking forward to the perfect occasion to crack it open for.

All the varieties of wine were spectacular and Chilean wine is something I had never considered before so I will be sure to look out for Aresti wines in shops as they become available. Their arrival in the UK is hot off the press so keep an eye out for the wines!

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