February Favourites

February Favourites

  Can’t believe February has already gone and we are in chapter 3 of 12. Here are some of my favourites from February.


Karen Blixen – Out of Africa. Although it is not politically correct in its colonial perspective, I love the memoirs of her love for Africa, life on a coffee plantation and description of a historical time in a country I grew up in, Kenya. It feels like a book we should have read in school for English Literature as it is so well written.


Teruel Food’s Olive oil in a pouch. I got sent this to try and have to say it is absolutely amazing. Olive oil in a pouch vs a bottle has benefits such as it doesn’t spoil easily, is easy to carry around and this one tells you how many olives are in it in an imaginative way.

 It tastes incredible and has been my go to for drizzling and cooking all month.

Teruel Foods Extra Virgin Olive Oil retails at £8.95 for the signature 250ml pouch and is available on www.teruelfoods.com.


Cahoots was the highlight of February, with the squiffy picnic, which I reviewed separately. A really fun experience, and one which is quirky, in a replica underground station from the rationing era and with lots of Gin and Tonic.

The squiffy pic is on Saturdays and Sundays. Check it out here: http://cahoots-london.com

Kitchen Appliance

Tefal Cook 4 me has been a life saver on days when you want a hearty meal with minimal effort. My go to dish has been gujarati dal in it and it is ready in less than 20 minutes. Now that is amazing! I have been using it on manual mode but it does have pre-set recipes with step by step instructions to follow too.


  To find out more visit: http://www.tefal.co.uk/cook4me


My favourite bar in February was the Polo Bar at the Westbury with its amazing cocktails, food and dessert! The bar is super lush with amazing decor and it is a really nice venue to catch up and people watch, while indulging on fabulous drinks.



Turmeric from Absolute Spice has been the spice I try and add to all my dishes for its health benefits, and am now adding to a mixture of honey and hot water for my cold. The spices from Absolute Spice are fresh, incredible and packaged so nicely in generous portions.

To see the full range of spices available go to: https://www.absolutespice.com

What were your favourites in February?


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