Joseph Joseph Easy Clean Garlic Press

Joseph Joseph Easy Clean Garlic Press

I was lucky enough to be sent this amazing  Joseph Joseph Easy Clean Garlic Press to review as coincidentally I have been looking at purchasing a garlic press for a while. I love garlic and add it in to my cooking a lot so this will be a kitchen gadget I will be using regularly.

   Joseph Joseph is one of my favourite brands as I love their innovative time and space savings products. I have their NEST, the elevate set, and the sink caddy as well as their chopping board – all of which I absolutely love.

They are really good quality, aesthetically pleasing and very functional.

This is a compact and fairly light garlic press and really easy to hold. No assembling is required either.



  The best thing is you don’t even have to peel the garlic cloves! I thought I would road test it with unpeeled garlic cloves as I needed quite a lot of garlic for a recipe.

I put in 2 large cloves and pressed down. I was seriously impressed with how simple and quick it was and the garlic was pressed perfectly and came out swiftly.


 It was easy to clean and continue doing with the rest of the cloves too. It has a 2 part design so one part serves as a scraper to scrape the pressed garlic off. How clever is that!

I am so happy with this garlic press and as well as being easy to use and clean, it is so easy to store too which is fantastic when you want products that don’t take up too much room. It is also dishwasher safe so you can add it to the load when you are washing other things in your dishwasher too.

This garlic press retails at £17 and can be purchased from




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