Product review: OXO GOOD GRIPS Hand held Spiralizer

Product review: OXO GOOD GRIPS Hand held Spiralizer

Spiralizing food is all the rage at the moment and I was excited to put the OXO Good Grips hand held spiralizer to the test as it is so tiny and compact! 

I have seen massive chunky spiralizers on the market which I would struggle to store. This one is so small it is perfect to put in a Kitchen Drawer!

It looks really good and no assembling is required its ready to use straight away, which is a massive plus point for me. I literally had to only remove the protective seal.

It looks good and is so light! It is really easy to hold too which is great when you want to spiralize quickly and want less messing about.

I put the spiralizer to the test with a potato, which I had halved. 

All I had to do was apply a tiny bit of force to grip the potato in place and simply turn it round and round.

I go this beautiful spiralized potato which is hanging in the picture below.

There is so much you can do with spiralized vegetables! You can make courgetti using courgettes, spiralize carrots and cucumbers to make a salad, potatoes to make hash or curly fries, noodles….the list is endless! 

I sauteed the spiralized potato in some coconut oil with red onions, garlic, cumin powder, coriander powder, garam masala and tandoori masala and it tasted so good! I garnished it with some sesame sprinkle and my dish is pictured below. 

It makes a quick and filling lunch when you are short of time and one that is healthy too!

So what is my verdict? Its amazing. The biggest plus point for me is the size which has absolutely no impact on the quality of the spiralizing! I got perfectly uniform spiralized vegetables with it.

It was so easy to use and clean and store away and looks good! 

It is also more affordable than other spiralizers on the market and in my opinion it works just as well and has the added bonus of being compact. It is easy to clean and is dishwasher safe too!

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