OXO Good Grips Greensaver review

OXO Good Grips Greensaver review

  I love my herbs such as coriander and fenugreek and usually do my shop on the weekend. By Thursday, though, even after being refrigerated, my herbs are slimy and ready to be chucked away which makes me sad as I hate wasting them.

When OXO UK sent me the GreenSaver to review, I put it through a very tough test! My fenugreek test. One week of being in the fridge and my fenugreek leaves didn’t even have an ounce of slime on them!

I am very impressed as this means there will be less wastage which is more economical in the long run for me as I don’t have to buy mini bags of herbs to keep me going mid week as I use them in practically all my dinner dishes.

I love the slick and sleek design of the GreenSaver and it comes in different sizes. It looks so good in the fridge too! As its clear, its easy to see what is in each one.

I am going to get some more to store my fruit and vegetables too just to keep them fresher for that much longer as it saves so much money!

As food wastage is in the limelight lately, I think this is a great way to do that little bit more for the environment and waste less.

So what makes the GreenSaver different to other tupperware? It has a carbon filter which fits into the lid and absorbs the ethylene gas which causes fruit and vegetables to spoil. While the filter slows down the process, it doesn’t halt it all together.

The filter lasts for 90 days after which it would need to be replaced.

The container comes with a basket which can double up as a colander so its is really handy when you want to wash your fruit or vegetables.

I was pleasantly surprised by the freshness of my herbs and the fact that they lasted longer than the usual amount of days. I am definitely going to get a few more GreenSavers for my fridge.

For more information about the GreenSaver, go to http://www.oxouk.com/c-632-greensaver.aspx


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