Going green – Ecover washing-up liquid 

Going green – Ecover washing-up liquid 

I cook alot and therefore I wash up…ALOT! After battling through different products, I have found one which is eco-friendly, less harsh and smells lovely.

I am conscious about not harming the planet and am taking steps to use products which are better for the planet as I feel I am doing my bit in small ways. But every little helps 🙂

This is so gentle but effective. My hands are getting less dry and even for the more tougher stains/dirtier pots and pans, just soak them for a little bit then it will be easy to scrub them clean.

Although washing up liquid is a deviation from my usual product reviews, it is something I use everytime I cook and everytime I finish eating to clean my plates.

I go through bottles quickly and it is important to look after your skin as well as the environment. Ecover has such a fresh scent and I love it. 

I also feel like I am also looking after my beloved cookware better as it has less chemicals than other brands.

I have taken the plunge to go green and this is definitely one to check out next time you are in the supermarket. Open the lid and give it a cheeky sniff. 

The one I have is Lemon and Aloe vera but there are loads of other fun varients such as Grapefruit and Green Tea and Pomegranates and Lime. 

You can check out the range next time you are grocery shopping or here:



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