Green & Black’s Thins 

Green & Black’s Thins 

 I have been a massive Green & Black’s fan, with the white chocolate being my guilty pleasure, so reviewing the new “THIN” bars was a dream come true.

They have a luxurious look and a velvety smooth texture. The bars are the right size for a personal indulgence and the larger squares make it a perfect size to share (but you would be mad to share :p ) 

One thing worth mentioning about Green & Black’s and why I love them is that they are organic and use raw cane sugar. Having recently done a bean to bar experience in St. Lucia, this is a major plus point for me.

The beans are organic Trinitario cocoa beans and Fairtrade ingredients. 

I devoured 4 different flavours. The Milk 37% cocoa, Mint Crisp, Dark 70% and Salted Caramel. 


 Starting with the Milk 37% Cocoa, this has more cocoa than a regular milk chocolate bar and is wonderfully chocolatey. This tasted more luxurious than other brands and the cocoa flavour was more prominent giving it a much richer taste.

Perfect for the no fuss, traditional chocolate fix and those who like to keep their chocolate simple.


Mint Crisp was up next and wow the intense mint flavour would please any chocolate mint fan.

Compared to other mint chocolates, the cocoa percentage and slim bar makes the Peppermint flavour stand out more and is very moreish. This got a big thumbs up from my husband who only eats mint chocolate (yes I had to share one square!).


The Dark 70% has that taste of high quality cocoa beans reminiscent of the ones I tried in the Caribbean.

This tastes amazing with coffee and two squares at a time are the perfect amount for that pick me up feeling.

The foodie in me already started thinking of the desserts I could use this chocolate in so this may be one I buy for baking and dessert making.

It tastes better because of the thinner nature of the bar and literally melts in your mouth. Great for those who just want an intense hit of chocolate.


Personally, I enjoyed the Salted Caramel bar the most as it had a wonderful contrast of the sweet caramel and the flakes of Anglesey salt. It was smooth and crunchy at the same time and just the right amount of sweetness without it being too much. 

As this also had 37% cocoa, the chocolate married with the caramel and salt perfectly and is quite possibly the nicest bar in terms of Salted Caramel out there.

The thin nature of the bar made the flavours come out more than other brands. 


I loved reveiwing these chocolate bars and these will definitely be ones I buy for moments of indulgence. 

Green & Black’s THIN range are available at all leading supermarkets. 


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