Punjaban Bombay Potato Base

Punjaban Bombay Potato Base

Bombay potato curry is a quick fix option for dinner.
I am not usually one to reach for ready made curry sauce jars – my preference is making curry from scratch but decided to try the Bombay Potato Curry Base sent to me by Punjaban to review. 

For the preparation, I par boiled potatoes and then cut them into cubes. 

In a pan which was heated up on medium heat, I added the sauce with a handful of fenugreek leaves. 

I then added the potatoes and 3/4 jar of water. I let the curry cook for around 6 minutes. I didn’t have to add anything else as it was spiced adequately already.

  It tasted remarkably homemade and was super quick to make. Great for days when there is hardly any time to make a curry from scratch but you want a hearty meal. 

The sauces have the added benefits of having no added sugar, gluten free, nut free, wheat, yeast and dairy free as well as not containing artificial colours, additives, preservatives or any E numbers. 

The sauce is handmade by Charanjit Sapal (Charlie). It started when she was making curries for her son Gurjeet while he was at university. There was so much demand for her homemade sauce that he was selling it in return for beer money.

She soon realised that there was a demand for authentic, homemade curry sauces and Punjaban was born.

This curry sauce is a great store cupboard item for days when you want delicious food that tastes homemade in a jiffy.

You can buy this sauce and many others from: 



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